Contact Center


Customer Service

Seibels has a proven track record of quickly scaling Contact Center services up or down, to meet rapid market changes. Your Policyholders, Agents, and Claimants are our top priority!

Our Contact Center professionals rapidly answer calls, efficiently update customer and agent portals, and exceed client service level agreements while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Utilizing a top-rated, cloud-based system, we provide Inbound, Outbound, Omnichannel, FNOL, Customer Service, Billing, Underwriting, Upsell, and Campaign/Target Marketing Contact Center Services.

Available 24/7/365

Customers expect responsive and reliable service. Our Contact Center is available 24/7/365 for FNOL, Policy, and Billing assistance through multiple channels. Contact Center Services include tailored scripts and voice recordings, quality assurance metrics, and full call reporting capabilities.

Contact Center


Reduce administrative constraints

Scalability in catastrophic events

Call volume, overflow, tracking, recording & reporting

Onshore, multi-language support

Tailored upselling improves sales conversions

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