Project Oversight & Quality Assurance

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Program Management Office

Seibels offers a Project Manager to assist with onboarding and implementing a new client, or an existing client’s program changes. The PMO, Project Manager works with clients to achieve planned results.

SPOT is Seibels Partner Operating technology which includes PMO to help clients achieve your goals

Quality Assurance

Seibels maintains a structured Quality Assurance Program through its Compliance Department. Key measurements include, but are not limited to:

Adherence to Client Guidelines

Regulatory Requirements

Contract SLAs

Professional/Soft Skills

Account Management, Project Oversight & Quality Assurance

Account Management

Clients are assigned an Account Manager to act as a liaison and client advocate.

Account Management facilitates:

Help With Challenges and Solutions
Report Clients’ Service Results
Ensure Services and System Offerings Align With Contracted Services


Program Management Office (PMO)

Quality Assurance Results

Account Management

Measurement And Reporting

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