Accounting and Reporting Services

Utilizing Seibels’ Accounting and Reporting services gives your company more time to focus on growth and development. Four outsourcing services can help: Premium and Billing Services, Accounting Solutions, Treasury Solutions, and Reporting Solutions. We offer the resources and management of the following:

Premium & Billing Services

  • Billing Services Based on Company Defined Payment Plans & Procedures
  • Full Payment Processing to include ACH, Credit Card, Debit Card, eCheck
  • Deposit Services
  • Cash with App Processing Services
  • Execution of Daily Billing, Bill Generation, and Policy Reconciliation
  • Daily and Month End Reporting

Accounting Solutions

  • Secure, Separate Environment, General Ledger Accounting System
  • Integration with Policy (IPX) & Claims Administration (CPX) Systems
  • Accounts Payable Processing, including Electronic Payment Capabilities
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Accounting & Reporting for Reinsurance Programs & Levied Regulatory Assessments
  • Monthly Bank Account Reconciliations

Treasury Solutions

  • Daily Bank & Book Balance Reporting
  • “Positive Pay” Process Management
  • “Void” / “Stop Pay” Process Management
  • “ACH,” “Book To Book,” & Wire Transfer Processing
  • Annual Escheat Filings

Reporting Solutions

  • Custom Format Consolidating & Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Statement & Annual Statements, including Supplemental Filings
  • Monthly Balance Sheet Account Reconciliations
  • Preparation & Filing of Premium Tax Returns, including Interim Reporting
  • IRS Form 1099 Administration