COLUMBIA, SC — The Seibels Bruce Group, Inc. (Seibels), an insurance services provider of processing,technology and claims solutions, is proud to announce they have joined the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. As a partner of the Chamber, Seibels will be among some of the oldest and most respected companies in Columbia.

The Columbia Chamber has been a part of the Columbia community since 1902. Their history and drive to “become the most economically prosperous region in the United States” fits well with Seibels’ initiative to become a leader in the insurance services industry. “We are eager to see how much positive work that Seibels and the Chamber of Commerce can do for the business community,” said Contracts and Regulatory Compliance Director, Andrew Banco. “The Columbia Chamber of Commerce strives to enhance business connections within Columbia while improving the city and county. This attitude parallels Seibels views on the Columbia community, and we are proud to call ourselves a member.”

Seibels’ history with the Chamber extends to the early 1900’s when our former Vice President, John J. Seibels, was concurrently the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce. By joining again today in the 21st century, Seibels is continuing the tradition of being deeply engrained with the business community of Columbia.

About Seibels

Seibels is an insurance industry provider of technology solutions, business process and hosting services, and claims administration services. From its start as a fire and life insurance company in 1869, Seibels has evolved and prospered for more than 145 years. By leveraging its strong combination of insurance industry and technology expertise, Seibels helps today’s property and casualty insurers achieve operational efficiency. Seibels recognizes the value of quality customer service, strong client relations, continuous innovation and integrity. For more information, please visit .


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