Payment processing and the methods by which customers prefer to pay have changed greatly in the last 5-10 years. Customers expect a process that is seamless, provides various options for making payments, and the ability to take care of these payments at their convenience.

Throughout the policyholder journey, payment processing is often the most frequent interaction between carrier and customer, and some say it is the greatest opportunity to improve the customer experience and retention.

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Our Financial Services empower insurance carriers to offer payment plans and processes that work best for their business, agents, and policyholders. By leveraging world-class technology from Creditron and OPEX, we offer fully automated payment processing solutions that improve operational efficiencies and the customer experience.

Services Include:

Multiple payment 
plan options
Lockbox, credit card and ACH payments
Agency commissions
Daily & monthly reconciliations and reporting
Escheat & Form 1099 services

In order to offer the best value to our clients and elevate payment processing, we utilize Creditron and OPEX technology. Our automated process scans payments, creates electronic bank deposit files daily, archives all payments for quick retrieval, and encourages paperless operations by eliminating the need for manual deposits.

Financial Services Benefits

Frees the customer to focus on their strategic plans for growth and development

Integrated billing and accounting functions improve client cash flows

Accurate and timely calculation, payment and reporting of commissions

"The underwriters and customer service people working in Columbia are among the best I've 
done business with. It's nice to get someone 
who is not only friendly but knows what they're talking about."

From an Agent


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