Seibels’ Subrogation & Recovery Services help insurance carriers and risk managers reduce net loss payouts and achieve maximum recovery results in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Whether it’s a claim of small or large value, we get involved early in the claim process, guiding the claim and protecting our client’s interest, ultimately boosting recovery efforts.

Build on Our Foundation of Experience

Our Subrogation & Recovery Services are built on a foundation of 100+ years of claims processing experience. By operating under an adjuster’s license and regularly taking continuing education classes, our subrogation professionals stay up-to-date on industry hot topics and trends. Ongoing training ensures we always offer clients and their policyholders best-in-class service when pursuing subrogation and recovery.

We draw upon a strong network of industry experts, including engineers and attorneys, in the event specialized assistance is needed. In-house claims counsel and litigation and liability teams can also be leveraged to further support our recovery efforts.

Proven Processes Achieve Maximum Recovery Results

Our subrogation team has developed a proven process to identify, investigate, and aggressively pursue subrogation. We conduct multiple, in-depth file reviews to ensure all claims are thoroughly examined. Once a subrogation opportunity is identified, we notify the client and send an initial notice of subrogation to all adverse parties. We maintain a chronological record of claim activity throughout the life of the file so that our clients are always up-to-date with subrogation activity. All activities are recorded timely in Guidewire ClaimCenter®, providing clients with a user-friendly summary of subrogation activity.

Maintaining strong communication is essential to our subrogation process. We immediately contact the insured to notify them of our attempt to recover money from the responsible party. Our subrogation professionals stay in direct communication with claims examiners to ensure all angles of the subrogation process are thoroughly researched and investigated. After we submit all supporting documentation and demand reimbursement of loss payouts, we work with the responsible party to ensure debt is satisfied as quickly as possible.

World-Class Technology & Reporting Capabilities

Guidewire ClaimCenter, the property and casualty insurance industry’s most widely used web-based claims system, can be accessed anytime via the system’s clean, modern user interface.

ClaimCenter automates identification of potential subrogation opportunities and encourages best practices and workflows. This saves time, increases productivity, and ensures adjusters consistently follow proven processes. Because subrogation can be assigned in ClaimCenter, managers can track their team’s activity and gain insight into tasks and performance metrics.

Using Guidewire Live℠, a cloud analytics platform, we can generate reports and geo-visualize claims for clients, including those undergoing subrogation. This provides clients a quick, high-level snapshot of subrogation activity.

We empower clients with data and provide monthly statistical reports that capture overall subrogation activity, including potential recovery, actual recovery, percentage recovered, and loss type. Detailed analytics demonstrate the significant impact of subrogation and recovery efforts, and give clients complete oversight of their claim operations.

Claims Services Benefits

  • Our claims services allow clients to gain access to industry-leading technology.
  • We pride ourselves on being customer-centric.
  • We leverage vast industry claim experience across all lines of business.



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