Insurance carriers and risk managers are always looking for ways to improve the claims handling process and increase efficiencies.

Offered bundled or unbundled through our full-service claims organization, Seibels Claims Solutions, our tailored Reinspection Services increase the quality and accuracy of estimates, while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience.  Leverage the insights gained through our in-depth field inspections and desk reviews to improve your claims handling process and reduce overall operating costs.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, our team members complete the following steps to gather pertinent claim information:

  • Review claim guidelines and parameters provided by the client, as well as reporting package and estimate samples.
  • Interview client claim managers to obtain feedback on customer service and field performance expectations.
  • Determine a sampling population upon which the reinspections will measure.

Field Implementation

During field implementation, clients can choose from one or a combination of the service offerings below, including Desk Audit Evaluation, Audit Field Reinspection, and Adjustment Field Reinspection.

Desk Audit Evaluation

  • Complete a desk review of the claim file, including/focusing on field handling and estimate.
  • Evaluate coverage investigation and claim reporting for adherence to client service expectations.
  • Evaluate estimate of accuracy in pricing and scope.  Attention is made to like kind and quality, as well as ensuring custom items and other special pricing matters are considered.
  • Evaluate expert utilization, third-party estimates, and mitigation invoices for overlap with the rebuild estimate.
  • Interview the insured to capture their level of satisfaction with the overall claim handling experience.

Audit Field Reinspection

  • Review the initial estimate prior to the reinspection.
  • Conduct an on-site reinspection with the insured to note any underwriting issues and confirm estimate accuracy.
  • Interview the insured to capture their level of satisfaction with the overall claim handling experience.
  • Document the status of repairs.
  • Generate a detailed report to address customer service and field performance.  Our report will note any areas of the estimate that are not accurate and include an overwrite or underwrite evaluation sheet.

Adjustment Field Reinspection

  • This option includes the same components as the Audit Field Reinspection, with the exception that the reinspector does not review the initial estimate prior to reinspection.
  • Complete a full repair estimate based upon the insured’s reported loss and our reinspection measurements. This reinspection can be completed before or after completion of repairs. Post repair reinspection estimates are based on the insured’s description of loss and damages.
  • Compare the initial estimate with the reinspector’s estimate to note variances on the claim report and in the overwrite or underwrite evaluation sheet.

Claims Services Benefits

  • Our claims services allow clients to gain access to industry-leading technology.
  • We pride ourselves on being customer-centric.
  • We leverage vast industry claim experience across all lines of business.



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