Litigated claims present unique challenges, and there is always some new complexity that a claimant can bring forth.

As part of our full-service claims organization, Seibels Claims Solutions, we offer insurance carriers and risk managers robust Litigation Management Services that mitigate the impact of litigated claims. Our dedicated adjusters and in-house claims counsel efficiently advise clients, saving them time and money. Services can be bundled for full handling or unbundled as a stand-alone service to supplement your claims operation.

Mitigate the Impact of Litigated Claims

Extensive training and ongoing education classes ensure our adjusters are capable of handling high severity cases while managing litigation indemnity and expense. Our adjusters have more than 20 years of experience in adjusting and handling litigated files and are licensed nationally for all states requiring licensure. In-house claims counsel provides further expertise when needed, allowing us to bolster our strategy for clients.

Our adjusters can also review defense counsel billing for adherence to billing guidelines. Our billing guidelines include:

  • Billable and non-billable services
  • Details required for each line item
  • Itemization of Charges
  • Level of Timekeeper
  • Expenses
  • Mileage and drive time rates

In-Depth, Proven Processes

Whether working with client-appointed defense counsel or counsel from our nationwide network of carefully vetted attorneys, we work vigorously to develop defense strategies that bring resolution to the case while minimizing the cost of litigation.  We tailor our claims handling to meet your claims operation.

  1. Adjusters provide defense counsel with our litigation guidelines, or those provided by the client, and request a budget and litigation plan from counsel.
  2. Adjusters collaborate with defense counsel to determine a litigation strategy based on the facts of the claim, including settlement range, negotiations, and alternative dispute resolution measures.
  3. Adjusters manage defense counsel to ensure adherence to determined strategy and action plan. We keep our client apprised of all activity through settlement or judgement. Reporting diaries are set based on file activity and litigation timeline.
  4. We can provide clients venue-specific data analytics through our nationwide attorney network.
    Adjusters attend mediations, arbitrations, and hearings on a client’s behalf.

Claims Services Benefits

  • Our claims services allow clients to gain access to industry-leading technology.
  • We pride ourselves on being customer-centric.
  • We leverage vast industry claim experience across all lines of business.



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