COLUMBIA, SC – The Seibels Bruce Group, Inc., (Seibels), an insurance services provider of business process outsourcing solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rex W. Huggins to Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Huggins has served as Chairman of the Board of Seibels since 2007.
Mr. Huggins is a seasoned business entrepreneur who owns and manages a number of businesses in the southeast. As Chairman and CEO of Seibels, Mr. Huggins will provide executive leadership for the company’s overall strategic direction and long-term goals, encouraging a collaborative work environment that empowers the industry professionals at Seibels to provide best-in-class services.
“Seibels has played a vital role in the insurance industry since 1869,” said John P. Seibels, member of the Seibels Board of Directors. “As the company has evolved from an insurer to a BPO service provider, it has remained true to its business philosophy of employing high quality people and providing exceptional service to clients. Rex Huggins embodies this spirit and is an inspirational leader who will greatly impact the company as CEO.  His passion, dedication to providing best-in-class services and purposeful vision make him a valuable asset to the company and clients. We have no doubt that the company will positively benefit from his leadership, guidance and business acumen.”
In addition to serving as Chairman and CEO, Mr. Huggins is a member of the Board of Directors of New Holdings, Inc. and subsidiaries.  Mr. Huggins is also a loyal supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

About Seibels

Seibels provides a suite of business process outsourcing solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry, including policy administrationclaims administration, technology and accounting and reporting services. From its start as a fire and life insurance company in 1869, Seibels has evolved and prospered over the past 145+ years. By leveraging a strong combination of insurance industry and technology expertise, Seibels helps today’s property and casualty insurers achieve operational efficiency. Seibels recognizes the value of quality customer service, strong client relations, continuous innovation and integrity. For more information, please visit


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