Catastrophe Conference Round-Up


The insurance industry is constantly evolving. Emerging technologies, weather-related catastrophes, and regulatory changes are just a few disruptors directly impacting the insurance space.

As a BPO and TPA solutions provider, it is imperative that Seibels stays ahead of these changes so we can better serve our clients in their operations. How do we honor this commitment in a world that moves at a lightning-fast pace? By remaining educated, well-informed, and prepared.

Every spring, we partner with clients to co-host annual catastrophe conferences. We invite our network of internal adjusters and examiners to partake in a day of educational sessions and interactive Q&As.

This year, our Vice President of Catastrophe Operations, Clarence Lee, provided a 2016 catastrophe season debrief. Clarence showcased our quick responsivity before, during, and after Hurricane Matthew, and disclosed the number of claims we processed, the number of calls we received, and our claims closure rate. You can learn more about that here.  Since hurricane season is officially upon us (June 1), Clarence revealed how we can use our experience from 2016 to sharpen our processes for 2017.

In addition to the hurricane season recap, Seibels also delivered client updates on claims operations, provided presentations from industry experts such as a roofing consultant, and discussed industry hot topics, including: FL code updates/damage assessments, the use of new technology, such as drones, and a waning talent pool.

“At the end of the day, the goal of the conference is to educate, network, and talk about the successes and future opportunities in the industry as we prepare for storm season,” said Clarence Lee. “When you continually pursue ongoing education and are adequately prepared, you will have the bench strength to manage the potential volume that may come your way.”



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