Billing as a Service - BaaS

Seibels Billing as a Service: BaaS

Seibels Billing as a Service

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Seibels’ Billing and Payment Solutions allows insurance carriers to manage costs, improve service and modernize the customer experience.

Our BaaS System is an innovative billing solution that is configurable to adapt to your business needs. Your staff benefits from an efficient, streamlined digital portal, and your customers enjoy a consistent online experience that’s intuitive, easy to use, simple to create their own accounts, and make effortless e-payments. 

Billing as a Service - BaaS

A Modern Billing & Payment Infrastructure with Immediate ROI

Seibels’ Billing as a Service Advantages 

  • Policyholder/Agent Portal
    • Quick Status
    • Self Service 
  • Flexible Billing Methods
    • Account Bill
    • Agency Bill
    • Direct Bill
  • Multiple Payment Methods
    • ACH
    • Check
    • Credit Card
Billing as a Service - BaaS-Integration-Technology

Seibels' BaaS Customer Benefits

Intuitive Self-Service Tools

Integrated Marketing Messages (emails, text, reminders, etc.)

Multiple Payment Profiles & Preferences

Flexible Fee Structures, Including Payment & Delinquency Plans

Real Time Data & Reporting

Driving Customer Satisfaction, Increasing Policy Retention.

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