Data Warehouse

Pentaho and our data warehouse team developed a solution that gathers data from our policy and claims systems, Insurance Processing Xpert and Claims Processing Xpert. It maintains history, provides lineage to the source system, and a business intelligence interface (Pentaho) accesses it. It consolidates data into a single data hub accessible with appropriate security measures by internal and external users. Self-service viewing options and queries defined by customer and management needs yield better data insight that improves business and reporting needs. Benefits of the Seibels' data warehouse are:

  • Analytics provide deeper insights to business problems
  • Intuitive web-based interactive reporting for business users
  • Rich graphical enterprise report designer for power users
  • Outputs reports/data in popular formats: HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF, and RTF as well as the ability to select needed components

Seibels’ data warehouse delivers a personal analytic experience that gives users the best experience for understanding their current business state, and empowers expert users with data so they can create models and forecasts for predicting the future of the business and make decisions accordingly.