Consumer Portal

Portal customization, unique to your brand, offers an interactive website for you and your customers that enhances communication, increases efficiencies, and provides superb customer service levels, creating excellent branding opportunities. Our portal provides many benefits. Offer policyholders a friendly self-service site rich with information where they can view and print policies, make payments, check a claim’s status, and contact their agent from their computer, tablet, or mobile device. They can review and seek coverage and refer business your way. 

You define who contributes information such as sending registered users weather alerts and hurricane preparedness tips. You can market new products and services and provide customers new technologies, all of which enhance your brand. Other advantages include reduced phone call volume, low-cost touch points, new technologies, and enhanced connectivity—something that’s fundamental today.

It only gets better. The look and feel of the portal is separate from functionality, allowing you to uniquely customize your site to your brand. Plus, you can enable or disable independent modules, too, such as the Refer a Friend and Recommended Coverage features.