Seibels subrogation and claim administration services can help identify, protect, and recover indemnity payments. Our specialists produce results from this often overlooked opportunity to recover funds. We have experienced specialists who are routinely educated on subrogation issues and taught to protect your interests.

Why Use Seibels Subrogation Services:

  • Recover payments
  • Determine what’s salvageable
  • Save money
  • Protect your interests

Our in-house Subrogation Department is dedicated to recovering money. Highly qualified, experienced staff conducts multiple, in-depth claim reviews to ensure no claim is overlooked. Early involvement in the claim process allows us to guide the claim and protect your interest, ultimately maximizing recovery. All potential claims are submitted to the Subrogation Department and actively investigated to identify all adverse parties. Whether it’s a claim of small or large value, depend on Seibels Subrogation Department to achieve maximum recovery results in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Experienced Subrogation Professionals

Seibels Subrogation Department’s rigorously trained multi-state licensed insurance professionals are dedicated to recovering funds. They quickly and efficiently process claims. What sets Seibels apart? A unique combination of knowledge, insurance experience, and technology expertise.

Proven Processes & Advanced Technology

Seibels Subrogation Department extensively investigates all stages of the claim process. Once Subrogation is recognized, the claim is electronically submitted to the Subrogation Department via Seibels claims management system, powered by Guidewire. Built by insurance and technology experts, Seibels claims management system automates best practices and workflows ensuring adjusters consistently follow proven processes. The system also reduces loss adjustment expenses and loss payouts while achieving complete tracking, review, and reporting.

Reporting & Communication

Seibels Subrogation Department communicates directly with claims examiners to ensure all aspects of the subrogation process are thoroughly researched and investigated. Details documented in the claim file, within Seibels claims management system, are accessible at any time. Comprehensive reports provide continual updates of all related activity.

Strong Industry Relationships

Our goal is to achieve maximum recovery results without the use of an attorney. Should legal services be required, Seibels subrogation department maintains strong relationships with a network of lawyers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Seibels Subrogation team communicates with the insured the moment subrogation has been identified. We notify them of the department's attempt to recover money from the responsible party. We provide excellent customer service whether we are working directly with the insured, carrier, legal representation, or another involved party.

”I want to share my sincere gratitude for the professionalism and courtesy that has been extended to me. It is refreshing that a company takes time to reach out to a customer to ensure them that information is accurate and claims are handled fairly. It is also a plus to feel important. I can honestly say that insurance is something that I have always carried, hoped would never use, and in this situation turned out to be worth it all.” -Insured