Reinspection Services

Seibels has extensive experience in the area of claims adjustment and reinspection programs. We have assisted insurers and start-up companies in multi-state jurisdictions. Our strengths lie in our knowledgeable management and technical staff, who have experience in both production-oriented claims activities and in the development and initiation of programs for external and internal clients.

Implementation of the reinspection program is conducted in several phases and can be tailored for the specific needs of any company.

Initial implementation includes review of claims guidelines and field claims procedures, desk review of reporting packages, interviews with management and technicians, and initial reporting following the implementation process. Field implementation consists of four levels, including desk evaluation, audit field reinspection, adjustment field reinspection, and claim-specific reinspection.

Seibels’ reinspection services can be utilized in conjunction with Reinspection Processing Xpert, an online application built to provide controls and performance improvement support capabilities throughout the reinspection process.

Why Take Advantage of our Reinspection Services?

  • Implementation can be tailored to your company's specific needs
  • Provided with quality reviews of your staff’s performance
  • Provided with monthly reports
  • Provided with the assurance that your team is performing to the best of its ability