Catastrophe Management Services

Take comfort in knowing that when catastrophe strikes, Seibels is by your side. With our Catastrophe Management solutions and services, you will be able to respond efficiently, calmly, and quickly. These services provide property and casualty insurers with:

  • Catastrophe Planning and Preparation
  • Dedicated Catastrophe Management
  • File Examination Staff and Network of Catastrophe Adjusting Firms
  • 10,000 square foot Catastrophe Operations Center
  • Dedicated file examination, including phones, computers, and dual monitors
  • Dedicated call center workstations

Why Take Advantage of our Catastrophe Management Services?

  • By outsourcing with Seibels, you get the benefits of specialized catastrophe support
  • Our claims systems were designed with catastrophes in mind
  • We can take care of all weather-related losses
  • Improve claim productivity
  • Save on operational costs
  • Nationwide network of adjusters
  • Fast-track desk adjusting
  • Dedicated CAT Operations Center