Processing Solutions for Coastal Markets

Seibels leverages its strong combination of insurance industry knowledge and technology expertise to provide clients with strategic advantages. With decades of experience in business process outsourcing and application services, we can provide tailored solutions for clients’ unique needs. We have a strong reputation as an outsourcing partner who understands our clients’ businesses, and we have in-depth knowledge of the coastal market, particularly in Florida. Wind, flooding issues, sinkholes, and hurricanes are just a few of the complex challenges involved in this difficult insurance line—this is where Seibels can come in. With our specialized knowledge and experience in this unique market, we can efficiently manage your company’s back-office operations, help you capitalize on growth opportunities, and quickly introduce new products and technologies.

The growth of Seibels BPO operations in coastal markets, in fact, has led to the development of Seibels’ policy assumption and “Customer Take-Out Program.” Our up-and-running Take-Out program positions new and existing carriers to acquire Florida policyholders through the Citizens Depopulation Program. We’ll help you manage workloads and provide you speed to market and cost-efficient operations.

With our insurance expertise, resources, and BPO services, we will help you manage this market’s unique wind and flood challenges and quickly grow new books of business.

Back Office Management Services

As a leader in business process outsourcing for the property and casualty insurance industry, we can help insurance companies capitalize on growth opportunities and quickly introduce new products and technologies. We can support your back-office operations with a combination of experience and technology. Collectively, Seibels offers a host of business process outsourcing services on a bundled or unbundled basis to include:

We operate P&C BPO service centers in Columbia, South Carolina and Altamonte Springs, Florida. Geographically dispersed service centers assure business continuity and provide additional on-demand resources to respond to high-volume inquiries and First Notices of Loss.

Insurance Veterans

Our BPO services use the knowledge and rigorous experience of insurance veterans. Many of our BPO employees hold insurance designations, and their loyal tenure provides you and us valuable experience and stability. Project managers’ long-term service anchors a stable, experienced staff. We have access to insurance software resources and expertise and provide English/Spanish bilingual staffing.

Our professional services meet your needs for implementation, support and maintenance, training, and the management of application services.

Seibels Take Out Programs for Start-Ups & Existing Carriers

Whether you're a start-up or an existing carrier, Seibels will get you up to speed and position you to acquire policyholders. Our BPO services will manage workloads, and our take-out experience will provide speed to market and cost-efficient operations. Our automated processes give you:

  • Up-to-date, state-approved takeout rate books, manuals, and forms
  • A fully branded website in compliance with state regulations (developed and hosted by Seibels)
  • Marketing support for agent solicitations & insured opt out responses
  • Customer Service, FAQs, scripting, & professional services
  • Agent Decline & Accept tracking and daily updates
  • Agent Acceptances—Collecting LAAs and LPAs, W9s, and E&Os
  • Agent addition to systems
  • Print, postage, and mail meeting state mandates
  • Participation in every Depopulation Calendar step
  • Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) Approval

Technology Solutions

IPX Policy Processing System

Our IPX Enterprise Insurance Suite enhances operations and lowers costs. IPX provides full policy life-cycle support, efficient installation capabilities, and a base system complete with policy administration, billing and underwriting, end-to-end claims processing, and a rich web user interface.

Agent Portal

Seibels' Agent Portal allows agents to process and manage new business and existing policies in real-time. Agents are provided seamless integration of policy administration, claims, and billing services.

Consumer Portal

Our Consumer Portal will be branded specifically for your company. Your policyholders will be able to view policy information, pay bills, and report claims from their home computer or mobile device.

Claims Management System Powered by Guidewire

Seibels Claims Management System is powered by Guidewire ClaimCenter, the property and casualty insurance industry's most widely used web-based claims system. Seibels Claims Management System is an end-to-end claims solution that automates best practices and workflows ensuring that adjusters consistently follow proven processes. When loads are heavy, our system will help you evaluate in phases.


Our First Notice of Loss software prompts questions by loss cause and provides claimant escalation procedures and instructions. It’s ideally suited for quick adaptation to catastrophic events.

Why Seibels?

Seibels’ unique combination of insurance experience, innovative technology, seasoned insurance professionals, high customer service standards, and leading processing, technology, and claims solutions makes us the prominent provider of insurance services in the property and casualty insurance industry. Whether you’re an existing carrier or a start-up company, our ready-to-go Take-Out program will give you a strong coastal market presence. We’ll help you manage this market’s unique challenges and quickly grow new books of business. Interested in learning more about our Take-Out program and insurance solutions? Contact us today.