In 1869, Edwin W. Seibels, of nearby Granby, South Carolina, began a small enterprise in Columbia’s business district. A true entrepreneur with varying business interests, Seibels began humbly, working out of the back of a clothing store in town. Within a year, Seibels joined forces with James B. Ezell, a like-minded businessman from Virginia, and together, the duo formed E.W. Seibels & Company. 


Seibels and Ezell dabbled in numerous industries, including sales, real estate, manufacturing, and of course, insurance. Then, on December 3, 1870, the Columbia newspaper, the Daily Phoenix stated that E.W. Seibels & Company represented “some of the best FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES in the US.” And so Seibels' legacy began.

For over a century, Seibels has evolved and prospered while keeping its roots firmly planted in Columbia. In fact, Seibels is the oldest business enterprise still operating within the capital city. Today, Seibels provides technology solutions, business process and hosting services, and claims administration services to the property and casualty insurance industry. 

By leveraging a strong combination of insurance industry and technology expertise, Seibels helps today’s P/C insurers achieve operational efficiency. Seibels recognizes the value of quality customer service, strong client relations, and continuous innovation and integrity.