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As an insurance technology and services provider with over a century of experience, Seibels is a leading provider of managed business processing solutions.

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IPX Enterprise Insurance Suite

Our scalable and agile systems are based on a modern technology platform and are backed by deep insurance experience.

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Seibels Claims Solutions provide property and casualty insurers with tailored services---bundled or unbundled. 

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Seibels Insurance Technology & Services

Seibels provides Processing, Technology, and Claims Solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry. With over 100 years of experience, we understand the full value of insurance management services. Founded in 1869 as a modest fire and life insurance company, Seibels has grown into a prominent insurance services provider, developing insurance and technology expertise along the way.

We began automating our policy and claims functions in 1966. By 1974, our policy administration system was the first commercially available system for carriers. Unlike most technology and service providers, we sold and serviced policies for nearly one-and-a-half centuries while evolving into a technology and services provider.

Like any strong company, we are continually reinventing ourselves—we’ve done so for over 140 years. Today, we are Seibels Insurance Technology & Services, and we provide insurers with Solutions.

Client Spotlight

“Our partnership with Seibels allows us to integrate advanced technology and services in a flexible and scalable manner. The combination of their insurance experience and agile systems and services makes Seibels an invaluable asset to our company. The ease of use presented by IPX Enterprise Insurance Suite is a key component of Centauri’s strategy to be the company of choice by our agency partners.”

- Lora Rees, Executive Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer

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Catastrophes, Claims, & Social Media

Seibels Insurance Technology & Services - Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Catastrophes, Claims, & Social Media
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Like other technology and service providers, Seibels has seen social media dramatically change how people get, create, and distribute information. Day in and day out, businesses and news outlets tweet and post information to gain and inform customers. 

When a natural disaster strikes, the effectiveness of social media becomes readily apparent. Take Superstorm Sandy. As it wreaked havoc in the northeast, social media outlets hummed as organizations used them to supply vital information to those affected. People battling the storm received information in real time – reassuring them just when they needed it most. Not only did they know what was going on, they learned what they were and where they were located. 

Social media ushered in a new mindset of awareness. Twitter became a leader in this mindset and created a page that was specifically designed to offer information on the storm. Weather alerts and tweets from public safety officials gave those affected insight, vital information, and reassurance. Even FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, made sure the public received correct information. Disaster victims could text FEMA to find a shelter in which to stay safe from the storm. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweeted “If you have water coming out of your faucet, it is safe to drink.” #sandy” –NYC Mayor’s Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) October 30, 2012.

Across The Board Stress
Companies dread storms like Sandy because they place serious strain on their businesses. Insurers are no exception. In fact, insurers face immense stress as potential claims mount up. However, an upside exists. Catastrophes give insurers and other companies the opportunity to display compassion and humanitarianism – if they offer unique and encouraging assistance.

During Superstorm Sandy, power companies tweeted pictures of linemen battling the conditions to bring back some semblance of normalcy. Such reassurance was unthinkable until the rise of social media. This type of customer interaction can create an atmosphere where customers feel safe with the company they have chosen. But there is a caveat: Be sure you give consumers fast and accurate information. Do this, and your customers will believe your company is more personal and has a vested interest in their well being. And that’s a good thing. 

Technology is improving all aspects of life in good times and bad. Insurance companies do all they can to help policyholders better cope with disaster. Clients can now take photographs of accidents and email them to their agents in order to quickly file a claim. Gone are the days when agents were unreachable. With a touch of a button, you can quickly communicate your needs to your agent, and they can reach you instantaneously. The Information Age truly is here, and it’s here to stay. 

Avoid Public Relations Disasters
Today, companies have good reason to be more responsible than ever to their customers. Social media give dissatisfied clients a platform. They can and will voice their opinion in a very public forum. They can praise companies that provide exemplary service, as well. The message is clear. Customer service is an extremely important concept in today’s society due to the pervasiveness of social media. 

Social media represent a form of customer feedback, a most effective way to ensure business success in the modern world. Seibels has based its reputation on customer service skills honed since 1869. The advent of social media has only improved that reputation. As a service provider, we make sure clients receive the best customer service possible and our Consumer Portal does much to achieve that goal. Customers can upload pictures of damaged property and witness just how fast and effectively their claims are handled. 

Seibels understands the need for preparedness and a speedy reaction when catastrophe happens, and so should you. When a disaster bears down can you answer the following questions in the affirmative?

    -Are you properly staffed?
    -Do you have adequate building space and supplies, including desks, chairs, 
     telephones, headsets, printers, fax machines and computers?
    -What is your call capacity and are you prepared to efficiently handle the influx of 
    -How will you handle the influx of emails, facsimiles, and paper mail?
    -Will you be able to manage and operate mail services?
    -How will the quality of the claims handling experience be affected?
    -Will other pending claims that were reported before the catastrophe be affected?
    -What systems are most vital to continue to run your claims operations?

No one can control the damage that another Superstorm Sandy might inflict upon our country in the future.  However, Seibels can change how you react and help elevate your claims response. We’re all in this together more than ever.

Written by
 Lexi Plattenburger.
This article originally appeared in the March Supplement of CLM's Claims Management magazine. To see the digital issue, please visit: 

2015 Headlines

Seibels Insurance Technology & Services - Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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2015 Headlines
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With 2015 already underway, we have some exciting announcements we would like to share with you. We are pleased to announce the following “Seibels headlines:”

    • Steve Armato joins us as the Director of Human Resources
    • Seibels joins the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Both of these are welcome additions to Seibels and we are thrilled to start of 2015 on a positive note! Steve Armato brings with him over 25 years of experience in the human resources industry. He previously worked at Seibels and rejoined in December 2014. He is what we call a “boomerang” at Seibels. We are known for our dedicated employees who have many years of experience in the industry. If you are a “boomerang,” it means you have rejoined the company after a period of absence. There are literally dozens of “boomerangs” throughout the company, hanging on office doors or name plates. It is truly a testament to Seibels! We are glad Steve has returned to Seibels and know that his passion for working with people and cultivating a culture of excellence will have a positive impact on the company as a whole!

Additionally, Seibels is happy to announce we have joined the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. As a member of the Chamber, we will be among some of the oldest and most respected companies in Columbia. We were actually an active member of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce in the early 1900s. Our Vice President John J. Seibels was a prominent member and representative.

“Our decision to rejoin the Chamber was driven by our desire to participate with other businesses in Columbia,” said Andy Banco, Contracts & Regulatory Compliance Director at Seibels. “We have invested in Columbia’s past and now we want to ensure a strong future for the city that we love. Seibels is a proud to be a member of the Chamber, and look forward to seeing how we can enhance business connections within the community.” Andy Banco is the Seibels Main Contact at the Chamber and as with John J. Seibels, we have full confidence that he will represent us well!

If you want to read the full press releases on these announcements, you can visit the Seibels Newsroom here, or subscribe to our RSS feed on Businesswire here.

Client Spotlight

“Our partnership with Seibels allows us to integrate advanced technology and services in a flexible and scalable manner. The combination of their insurance experience and agile systems and services makes Seibels an invaluable asset to our company. The ease of use presented by IPX Enterprise Insurance Suite is a key component of Centauri’s strategy to be the company of choice by our agency partners.”

-Lora Rees, Executive Vice President
& Chief Operating Officer