Business Process Outsourcing

As an insurance technology and services provider with over a century of experience, Seibels is a leading provider of managed business processing solutions.

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Claims Administration Services

Seibels Claims Solutions provide property
and casualty insurers with tailored services bundled or unbundled.

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IPX Enterprise Insurance Suite

Our scalable and agile systems are based on a modern technology platform and are backed by deep insurance experience.

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By leveraging a strong combination of insurance industry expertise and best of breed technology, Seibels innovation solutions and services helps today's insurers maximize operational efficiency and achieve competitive advantage.


  • "2016 was a challenging year as FL was impacted by two hurricanes after more than 10 years of no major storm activity. Seibels provided an outstanding response to both events, from the call center at FNOL through the actual adjustment of the claim. Hold times at the call center were virtually non-existent and Gulfstream customers were contacted by a claim professional on the same day they reported their claim, even on day one of landfall."

    Jeffrey Garretson
    Vice President of Claims
  • “Our partnership with Seibels allows us to integrate advanced technology and services in a flexible and scalable manner. The combination of their insurance experience and agile systems and services makes Seibels an invaluable asset to our company. The ease of use presented by IPX Enterprise Insurance Suite is a key component of Centauri’s strategy to be the company of choice by our agency partners.”

    Lora Rees
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Seibels provides Business Process Outsourcing, Claims and Technology Solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry. With over 100 years of experience, we understand the full value of insurance management services. Founded in 1869 as a modest fire and life insurance company, Seibels has grown into a prominent insurance services provider, developing insurance and technology expertise along the way. We began automating our policy and claims functions in 1966. By 1974, our policy administration system was the first commercially available system for carriers. Unlike most technology and service providers, we sold and serviced policies for nearly one-and-a-half centuries while evolving into a technology and services provider. Like any strong company, we are continually reinventing ourselves—we’ve done so for 145 years. By leveraging a strong combination of insurance industry and technology expertise, Seibels helps today’s property and casualty insurers achieve operational efficiency. Seibels recognizes the value of quality customer service, strong client relations, and continuous innovation and integrity.


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